Analisa SEO

Dengan menggunakan SEO analyzer dari Raven , blog ini mendapatkan nilai 65. Dengan penjelasan sebagai berikut .

Semantic Structure

Your Web design appears to use headers elements properly. Search engines use header elements to determine the context and purpose of your Web page. Headers provide semantic structure and meaning to Web pages, and search engines, like Google, give preferential treatment to Web design that use headers properly.

Page Content

Your page appears to contain 300 or more words. Having at least 300 words of original content per page enables search engines to better understand your website, and increases the chances of someone finding your page.

Obsolete & Deprecated HTML

We found 1 instances where your Web page is using obsolete or deprecated HTML. The use of these HTML elements usually makes your Web pages larger (which increases download time), and they are no longer used in modern Web design. For optimal Web design and search engine results, Sitening recommends only using a combination of validated XHTML and CSS — where all styles have been stripped from the XHTML and placed in the CSS.

Below is a list of obsolete or deprecated HTML. If an element is listed without an attribute, the element is considered obsolete or deprecated. If an element and attribute are shown together, the attribute is considered obsolete or deprecated.

  • a target

Inline Styles

Your Web page appears to use inline styles (which may include header styles). To reduce your page size and to adhere to modern Web design standards, all styles should be separated from the Web page. Styles should be defined in a CSS document that references the elements, IDs, and classes in the XHTML document.

Download Size/Time

The size of your HTML is 53.88KB

The size of your Web page is perfect for search engine optimization. Search engines, like Google, reward Web designs that make an effort to reduce the size of their HTML content. Also, condensed content helps search engines better target your Web page for specific keywords.

Total Page Size

It’s always important to pay attention to your total page size. If your other files (like images and scripts) are large, it may make your website load slowly for users who do not have broadband connections. In general, it’s good practice to try to keep your Web pages as small as possible.

  • HTML: 53.88KB
  • Images: 219.97KB
  • CSS: 5.05KB
  • Scripts: 22.02KB

Total: 300.93KB

Head Content

Your Web page appears to be missing potentially important information inside the head element area. This may be caused by not having a title element or not having a description attribute inside of a meta element. Many search engines use the title element to understand what your page is about. The description attribute is often displayed in search results. If your description is missing or poorly written, users may not click on your link.

Missing Head Content

  • <meta name=”description” content=””>

Outgoing Links

Your Web page doesn’t appear to be using the rel=”nofollow” anchor attribute. It’s important to use this attribute for outgoing links that you cannot verify, are not related to the content of your Web page, and/or link to Web pages with low PageRank. Otherwise, search engines may penalize your Web page for links they deem to be untrustworthy.

Overall Score for Design

Your Web design scored 65 points out of a possible 100. This score is satisfactory. Your Web page has some elements that can improve your search engine results, but there are still many changes that can be made to optimize it further.

This page can be bookmarked for future reference. If you are the webmaster of, and you decide to make optimization changes, you can revisit this page and run the Web design report again.


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